Does TB affect your right for asylum?


In Finland TB or any other disease does not affect your right for asylum. Migration authorities make the decision on asylum based on the law and they have no right to get information on the health of the applicants.

In Finland all doctors, other health or social care personnel, and staff and interpreters of the asylum seekers reception centre are bound by a duty of confidentiality. It means that they are not allowed to tell outsiders about your problems without asking your permission. That’s why you should not be afraid to tell all your problems to the personnel taking care of you.

In Finland all testing, treatment and medication of TB are free of charge. This also applies to you. The earlier your TB is detected the easier it will be cured. That’s why it is in your interest to seek care as soon as possible if you suspect you have TB.

From where can you get legal aid?

An asylum seeker can freely choose his/her lawyer. The lawyer can request financial compensation from the legal aid office, if the client is without assets.

The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre is a non-governmental organization, which gives legal aid and advice to asylum seekers and refugees during the asylum process. It deals also with complaints to the courts. It provides legal aid also to other foreigners in Finland.