How is TB treated?


TB is an illness, which is cured with medication. It takes long time to kill all the TB bacteria. That’s why the medication continues for at least six months. The treatment is started at hospital and is continued after that at home.

You have the right to get support and advice during the whole treatment period. Don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff treating you about anything that puzzles you. Follow the instructions given to you.  In that way you can self promote your healing.

The treatment is started at hospital


It is possible that you have a TB which can be spread to others. Therefore you are treated at the beginning of the treatment in an isolation room at hospital. After that your treatment continues at home.

You will get several medicines at the same time.  More than one medicine is needed to kill all the TB bacteria. The health personnel at the hospital observe if the medicines are effective and you are getting better. Sometimes the medicines can cause side effects or one of the medicines is not suitable to you. Your doctor will find a solution to this situation. Your recovery is also followed with different examinations.

Before you can continue your treatment at home, it is agreed how you will get your medicines for home treatment. You can get your medicines at asylum seekers reception centre, hospital polyclinic, health centre, school or at home.

How is it in isolation room?


You can also bring some personal items like books and magazines to the room. Your friends and relatives can visit you. They have to follow the instructions of health care personnel before going into the room. Children are not allowed into the isolation room.

When you cough you can put TB bacteria into the air. That’s why all personnel treating you in the room have to use respirators so that they don’t breathe in those bacteria. When you are coughing or sneezing please cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief. Put it in a waste box after use. If another person enters your room, use a mouth-nose mask.

Treatment at refugee centre or at home

You usually feel much better after a few weeks treatment. You are starting to improve. There are, however, still living TB bacteria in your body. It is important that you continue to take the medicines until all bacteria are killed, even if you do not have any more symptoms. Do not change or stop your treatment. If you have problems, discuss them with your nurse. The problems can be solved together.

You will be cured only by taking all the prescribed medicines regularly. Sometimes the medicines can make you feel bad or you can forget to take them. That´s why a nurse or other employee give you the medicines and see that you swallow them. At the same time he/she can answer your questions, observe your recovery and possible side effects of the medicines. The parents can give the medicines to small children assisted by the health care workers or other employees.

Medical check-ups

Your recovery is followed carefully at hospital polyclinic at 1-2 months intervals during the treatment. During the check-ups a chest x-ray, blood tests and samples of the slime you are coughing up are taken. You have also then the possibility to ask the doctor questions.