How can I help my own recovery during the time I am taking TB medication?

TB disease and its treatment can bring tiredness, all kinds of feelings and a low mood. Open discussion and information on TB will give your family members and friends an opportunity to support you during treatment. Small activities and tasks which bring you happiness will also help you get well. People have their own ways and means to get better. Think about and write down those things and people that bring you strength and good feelings. Remember that TB treatment won’t last forever.

Take all medicines regularly. Do not skip doses, even if you feel well and you do not experience any symptoms of the disease. If you doubt or notice any side effects whatsoever from the medicines, always tell your nurse or doctor.

Normal versatile food helps you to recover. Take vitamin D daily, it is important for recovery. Fasting is not good when you are ill. Physical exercise and moving outdoors help you to get better and make your mood better.

Adolescent tuberculosis