What can I do to pass time during hospital care in an isolation room?

You may have to stay in an isolation room for some weeks, sometimes for months. This way the disease is not spread to others. Think and plan what would help make this time easier for you.

Bring some of your personal things into the isolation room. Keep your own daily routine. Be active during the day time: read books and magazines, watch movies, keep yourself updated with the Internet, meditate.

When your condition improves, you can start exercising. Ask nurses and physiotherapists for equipment. Take a walk outdoors if it is possible. Ask for and eat your favorite food and drink.

Stay in touch with other family members and friends via phone and computer. Follow your studies and do your homework. The municipality arranges school education in the hospital for children who go to the primary school. Visits are allowed but visitors need to use respiratory protection. Big group visits are not recommended. Small children are usually not allowed to visit.

The hospital school teacher will support children who go to primary school in their studies during the time they are treated in the hospital.

Adolescent tuberculosis