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Poster of the site juliste_EN can be used to spread information about this web site.

Poster of site (pdf)








Posters of the TIE Project

These posters were developed in the TIE-project (Prevention and early detection of TB and HIV among young asylum seekers) in 2014 together with the animations. Design by Constantinos “Gogi” Mavromichalis. The European Refugee Fund participated in the funding of the TIE-project.

TIE-hankkeen TB juliste pikkukuva

TIE-hankkeen HIV juliste pikkukuva










TB is curable – Poster of the TIE Project (pdf)

Full life with HIV – Poster of the TIE Project(pdf)

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Posters by Pirkanmaa health district

pirkanmaa poster_enThe Pirkanmaa health district has produced poster about tuberculosis in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian languages. Design by Juha Harju.

Tuberculosis poster in Finnish (pdf)

Tuberculosis poster in Swedish (pdf)

Tuberculosis poster in English(pdf)

Tuberculosis poster in Russian (pdf)

These posters and other materials also available at the web site of the Pirkanmaa Health District.



Posters on TB produced in TUBIDU-project

The EU-funded TUBIDU Project has produced brochures and posters on the symptoms of tuberculosis in seven languages. Read more about the project on the web site of the Estonian National Institute for Health Development.


Estonian: Igaüks võib haigestuda tuberkuloosi! (pdf)

Latvian (Lettish): Ar tuberkulozi var saslimt ikviens! (pdf)

Lithuanian: Bet kas gali susirgti tuberkulioze! (pdf)

English: Anyone can get tuberculosis! (pdf)

Romanian: Oricine se poate îmbolnăvi de Tuberculoză! (pdf)

Bulgarian: Всеки може да се зарази с туберкулоза! (pdf)

Russian: Заболеть туберкулёзом может каждый! (pdf)

tubidu_logo EU_flag_and_co-funded_by_health_programme